About us

Our Mission

At Balanced Being, we provide a yoga studio for whole being wellness because we want you to feel good through all your layers. We as human beings are made up of so much more than just a physical body, although many places and services only focus on physical health and wellness. We honor all of your layers at Balanced Being – the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers that make us the beautiful beings that we are inside and out – and this is why we crafted a space and a schedule that supports whole being wellness.


Our yoga classes offer a wide range of styles to meet you where you are on your physical wellness journey. Our wellness classes like meditations, sound baths, and breathwork all offer different methods to support your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We hope this space will expand your understanding of wellness and support you on your wellness journey to feel your best and live your life to its fullest potential.


This space is supported by a diverse and balanced group of teachers who all have different backgrounds, trainings, and experiences. Our common thread is that we are all healers, and we are all here to create a space for you to move and heal. Our teachers have vast knowledge in wide range of wellness practices – yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork, reiki, tarot, and others. We are so excited to provide all of these offerings in one space so you’re able to have a different experience with each visit.

We have poured our heart and soul into creating this space, and we hope you find comfort and community in this space centered on love and wellness.

We can't wait to meet you on your mat at Balanced Being.

Balanced Being Yoga & Wellness, a premier Dallas yoga studio