Warrior Two Dallas

Warrior two is a core pose for most flows.  It can take strength and flexibility, but with time and effort your pose can feel fluid and strong.  In this post we break down some of the key alignments of the pose. 

A wellness class at Balanced Being where students meditate to a relaxing sound bath

Wellness practices are key to living a happy, healthy, relaxed life. Learn about the layers of wellness and how you can improve your wellbeing today.

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Take your yoga and wellness practice to the next level by learning about different styles and types of classes that are available in Dallas, TX.

CBD and CBG Edibles that can help with stress relief and anxiety

CBD can be a great supplement to address common ailments like pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Learn about CBD and its benefits.

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We’re thrilled you’re considering taking one of our yoga classes. Whether you’re an experienced yoga practitioner, or brand new to yoga, you’ll be welcome at any of our classes! Read about what to expect here.

Downward Facing Dog is one of the most frequently used poses in yoga and it has a lot going on it.  With opportunities to build upper body strength, lengthening the spine and increasing flexibility throughout the legs. Join us for a run down of how to safely improve your Downward Facing Dog pose

Microdosing involves taking minimal amounts of psychedelic substances, with the intention of experiencing subtle mental effects that many people believe can assist with mood disorders.  Get a quick introduction to the practice here.

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