Tips For Your First Balanced Being Yoga Class


We’re thrilled you’re considering taking one of our yoga classes. Whether you’re an experienced yoga practitioner, or brand new to yoga, you’ll be welcome at any of our classes!  We operate a welcoming and non-judgemental studio where all practitioners are welcome

Yoga Class Types

Your experience at our Dallas yoga studio will vary a fair amount, depending on the class you choose, so you can see a listing of our up-to-date schedule here and view class descriptions when you click on the Book button.

If you’re totally new to yoga, or want to get an easy start, you may want to consider our Beginner Flow classes. They’re a great way to get started and include foundational poses and can help you build your confidence.  

Our more physically active classes, like our All Level Flows and Power Flows will get you moving and be more cardiovascularly demanding. Other classes like Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Gentle Stretch are designed to be more relaxing.

We think there’s something for everyone at our studio, and that’s something that distinguishes us from other Dallas studios.  We want our students to having options for different class types.

What To Wear

You’ll probably want to wear clothing that allows easy movement and can handle some sweat.  Some students appreciate sweat-wicking clothing, or clothes designed specifically for yoga, but that’s far from a requirement.  As long as you’re comfortable and able to move, you’ll do great. 

What To Bring

Most students bring a yoga mat, a towel to cover their mat while they practice, a towel to dab dry off some sweat, and a water bottle. Our studio offers mats to borrow at the front desk, and we have a water station to refill your water bottle. Forgot to bring your water bottle? We’ve got some awesome ones to purchase when you’re in need.

Some additional items that might be helpful to newer students are yoga blocks and yoga straps.  These can help you modify poses to make them a bit easier, and your instructor may encourage you to use them, if you have them. Our studio has all the props you might need available in the studio space, so don’t worry about packing your own. We got you covered!

All items you bring to the studio that aren’t in use while you practice should be left in one of our “cubbies” while you practice.  While student belongings are generally safe in the studio, we cant 100% guarantee their safety, so you might want to leave valuables at home or in your car.  

Where the magic happens


There are several places to park in the lower Greenville neighborhood. Some parking lots are paid parking lots while others are free to use. If you are unfamiliar with your options in the neighborhood, we suggest using the free parking lot at 5611 Alta, and our studio door is within a one minute walk from that parking lot.

Getting Ready For YOGA Class

We have a place for you to change, so you’re welcome to drop in as you are and get ready here.  We also have storage space where you can leave your belongings while you practice. 

Be Ready To Focus On Your Breath

Virtually all styles of yoga include some form of breathing techniques, and your instructor will likely encourage you to work on this. The focus on the breath is part of what distinguishes a good yoga studio from other instructor-led fitness classes. The majority of students find these exercises easy to follow along with, and they usually generate a calming effect.

What If You Don’t Know the Yoga Poses?

This is totally fine!  Our instructors will provide queues to help you follow along, and you can mimic other people in the studio as you learn you get started.  Even if you don’t get the poses exactly right, you’re still doing yoga and helping your body and mind get healthier!  

We’d also add that ALL of us were new to yoga at some point, so please know we won’t judge you as you begin your yoga journey. We love having new members of the Dallas community join us!  The more you practice, the more it’ll feel like second nature, so give it a shot! 

What If I Have An Injury

We’re glad you’re thinking about this, and we encourage you to respect your body.  Many poses have easier variations that you can do, and you’re ALWAYS welcome to skip a pose if it’s in your best interest.  

We also encourage you to share any injuries or concerns with your teacher before class.  They may give you suggestions that might help make your class more comfortable and safe.  

Obviously, we aren’t doctors and we don’t give medical advice, so if you have concerns about the safety of practicing yoga we encourage you to talk with your doctor before your class.  That being said, yoga is safe and beneficial for most members of the community.


As you probably expect, our studio is a very friendly and welcoming place. That being said, there are a few things that it might be good to avoid.  The good news is these are all easy to adhere to, and will ensure you and other students have a good experience.

  • Shoes aren’t allowed in the classroom.  We have a place for you to store them, along with your other belongings
  • Cell phones aren’t allowed in classes.  You can leave your phone with your belongings
  • Please turn off all audible alarms on your watches so you and the other students can enjoy class
  • Talking during class can distract the teacher and disrupt other students’ practice, and  should be kept to a minimum
  • Don’t feel pressure to do something bad for your body or push too hard in class.  There’s nothing to keep up with and no expectations from your teacher.  That’s part of what makes yoga so special, so we encourage you to use caution, especially as you’re getting started. 

We hope this blog post helps you feel a bit more excited and comfortable about your first yoga class with us.  If you have any other questions, feel free to share them with your instructor before class.  We know you’ll find them helpful and supportive!  We’re excited for you to start your yoga journey!