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Wellness For Your Whole Being

Our mission is to provide yoga and wellness offerings to the Dallas community to help you live a balanced, happy, and healthy life.
Balanced Being is a yoga studio in Dallas, TX tailored to support whole being wellness through movement and mindful practices like reiki, sound healing, and breathwork. Come explore holistic being wellness with our wide variety of offerings and knowledgeable teachers.

Classes For Every Body

We’re happy to offer a diverse lineup of class  with highly trained teachers.  We take pride in offering the widest range of  yoga and wellness class types in Dallas! We have classes for new to advanced yogis and everything in between.  Everyone is welcome.  


We even have classes that are restorative in nature and perfect when you’re looking to destress and relax.  

The Best Yoga Studio Membership In Dallas

Our memberships offers access to  all of diverse range of classes, from  Kundalini, Power and Slow Flow to Mommy and Me classes.  When you join with us, you get a membership that gives you a full range of yoga and meditation development opportunities.   


No other Dallas yoga studios offer this many types of classes, so commit to yourself and your wellness by joining us today!

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Dallas' Top Legal THC, and Psychedelic Mushrooms

We stock an incredible supply of mental health wellness products because we believe your practices should continue outside of the studio.  Using edibles, pre-rolls,  vapes and mushrooms can be a great aid to mental health and spiritual wellness.


Shop all our products online and pick up in store or order for local delivery.

Student Testimonials

I have never enjoyed yoga more in my life... Since I'm a beginner and it's been several years since attending a class, I was initially worried, but I cannot say enough kind words about the instructors. Everyone is incredibly welcoming, and regardless of age, race or body type, they hold space for all.
Amy R.
I’ve been going here for an over month now and it’s life changing. From challenging, fun-filled flows to deep relaxation and meditation, the loving family of teachers here have helped me adapt after some difficult health issues. It’s not just great yoga, it’s a space where you can feel comfortable and supported- no matter where you are in your wellness journey. I love them and you will too.
Sarah S.
I'm absolutely in love with the studio, instructors and class offerings. Everyone has been so welcoming and inclusive, and even though it's been a couple of years since I was regularly practicing yoga, I have felt at ease and accepted in every class. The culture and environment they've fostered is unique and feels very intentional. The variety of classes and times has allowed me to choose the class that fits whatever my mood is that day - it's the best!
Lindsay W.
What an amazing studio and staff. They have a wonderful selection of classes and a great atmosphere. I will definitely be getting a membership. Great addition to the neighborhood.
Sarah V.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Our yoga studio is located at 1917 Greenville Ave Ste 110, right in the heart of lower Greenville! We are on the same block as Greenville Ave Pizza Company (GAPCo), in between Abby’s Bagels and Alamo Club, and in the same building as Feng Cha and Sugaring NYC. Look for our green neon sign above the door, and once inside, enter through the door on the left side.

Most Greenville parking is shared, so you can park in the lots directly behind the building that are shared with Truck Yard. There are also public parking lots off of Alta. Although there are many towing signs on the lots, towing is fairly uncommon in the neighborhood.

No, we are not a heated studio. Most of our classes are more restorative in nature, and these classes are not heated. For higher intensity classes (Power Vinyasa, HIITyasa), our teachers might have the heat turned on, and the space will only heat to about 86 degrees.

We have a 5 minutes grace period for every class. If you arrive 5 minutes late, your teacher may decide to not let you join the class. Please be respectful and arrive early in order to avoid being turned away from class. If you are unable to join the class due to late arrival, we are happy to reschedule your class for another date.

We are sad to see you go, but we understand things change all the time. We require 30 days written notice to cancel your membership. To cancel your membership, please email us at, and we’ll take care of your request.

Get in touch

Have questions for us or just looking to connect with our team? Drop us a note below, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.


CLASSPASS STUDENTS: If you have questions about a ClassPass reservation or fee, please contact ClassPass for support. We receive class bookings from ClassPass, and we have no influence over ClassPass policies or fees.